MattyBRaps♥Iya Yesterday
ohh pary i love your comics make more
sharmisthAchar 2 months ago
dear pary... i love your comics
Prasil Lakshmanan 2 months ago
Pary, it has been months without any comic. Have you moved to Paris? How's life? Do post something soon.
gislainebonilh 3 months ago
I've fallen in love with your comic.
Insert Name Here 3 months ago
Enjoy the gif :D I love your falling comic! It's just so asdghj, don't even get me started on your artwork <33 I'm looking forward to your next update :)
MylCreates 4 months ago
Your artwork is so adorable ^w^ <3
kingmagno 4 months ago
I hope there's more falling episode :)
NicksFluffyShit 5 months ago
Will there be more Falling episodes?
Pary Shah creator 4 months ago
I hope to get a chance to make more comics soon! <3
NicksFluffyShit 4 months ago
Joe Bonita 5 months ago
Wow thank you! I like your cartoons it's amazing <3
Pary Shah creator 5 months ago
Skye 6 months ago
Make more episodes it's so interesting