Mechanictress 4 days ago
hi sugah! o/ If you have time, can you check out my work? Thank you :D
NinjabotXX11 6 days ago
Thx 4 Subing! Your the greatest Dane of them ALL!
MrDingsbums Jun 23
I think, I might have found out what Font you are using (
David creator Jun 23
PhotoShop calls it 'American Typewriter.'

Well done, Mr. Dingsbums!
David creator Jun 22

Today's Adventure:

I'll be livestreaming A LOT today @

tune in... turn on... drop by....WHATEVER!

Tard Jun 22
Nice camping clothes!
babykittens Jun 22
Will you still be streaming in like say... 4-5 hours? That's when I get off work....
Wouwei Jun 22
So true your adventure =) I got a house in the alps , with only recently some electricity. Oh not much , 12V, but here come the pc , etc ...
Wouwei Jun 22
Oh and some tapastic stuff . We received i suppose all this mail : David shared a post with only you and 4989 other subscribers . And then i started to feel as a danemen preparing himself for looking at a typical danemen comic, then looking on my right and left and watching 4989 danemen obviously preparing themselves for doing exactly the same thing as i was obviously about to do ....
Creepy Jun 21
Uhm... There's an error when people try to see The DaneMen episodes...
MrUnknownGuy Jun 21
ok this is wierd... I'm getting an error trying to visit The Danemen, even the latest episode I can't access.
uppercase Jun 21
MrUnknownGuy Jun 21
Tried again tomorrow and it works!
marcelavigne14 Jun 10
Can you please upload to tapasic, it's more moble friendly
David creator Jun 10

Remember me?

I make 'The DaneMen."

We've been invited to spend the summer over at Webtoons.

There are already 29 new DaneMen strips over there for your enjoyment.

If you like The DaneMen, but would prefer to read them on Tapastic, let me know.

Your opinion is important to me.


mjheijster supporter Jun 11
Would love to have it here as well, but I already said that :)
Arturo Jun 11
I would prefer them in Tapastic, but whatever works better for you
BuffaloBrent Jun 11
Are you not able to post to both places?
David creator Jun 11
@ Tempo - your opinion has been noted

@Arturo - I <3 Tappy too, but currently Webtoon work$ for me (and I them).

@ Buffalo Brent - not yet, no... but eventually, yes.
MrUnknownGuy Jun 21
I think LINE Webtoon has a contract for making the comics exclusive to it only?
Maybe you can post it here when you finish on LINE!
David creator Jun 10
Nanerkill Jun 01
It's been a while since you last posted an episode of The DaneMen... Why?