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Red Flag
David 3 days ago
Added Red Flag to DaneMen
Reon Merryweather 4 days ago
Hi David.

I'm a big fan of your style, and your personal fashion sense is awesome.
Reon Merryweather 4 days ago
Have you ever seen any of my comics? I'm a newer writer^^
David 3 days ago
I just have.

The quality of your artwork is very professional.

I hope you find a big audience here on Tapastic.
Reon Merryweather 3 days ago
Oh I'm afraid I'm not an illustrator. Just a writer. I write stuff, in word. Word is a program.

Mostly I collaborate with illustrators.

Which comic did you like?
David 3 days ago
Well, to be honest, I am into silent comics.

I think that, though comics are words+pictures, that too many authors rely on dialogue to communicate things which could be done with pictures.

Let me give your strip some attention, and I'll tell you what I think about it later.
Reon Merryweather 3 days ago
Well I guess we're at rather opposite sides of the spectrum, then.

Personally I like to consider dialogue my forté, although in my recent scripts, I've worked in behaviour and action into it.
Whomever 1 week ago
Hello little Banksy, nice worlds you got here
David 5 days ago
Thanks, whomever you are.
Laux Astralis 1 week ago
hello i think your artwork and humor is as majestic as your face hair goodbye i love you please notice me bye
David 1 week ago
hello i have noticed your comment and responded in kind i hope you appreciate it bye bye
Losing Face
David 2 weeks ago
Added Losing Face to DaneMen
Supporters Only
David 2 weeks ago
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MylCreates 3 weeks ago
Hi! I'm going around meeting my Tapastic neighbors, would you like to chat? :D
MylCreates 3 weeks ago
Sounds cool :3. Do you make comics on the side or is this your full time job?
David 3 weeks ago
I pay my bills by teaching English.

Right now, I only earn 60 dollars a month from comics.

That why I've joined the Tapastic Support Program.

Pitch in a buck, if you're wiley.
MylCreates 3 weeks ago
^w^ man if I wasn't drowning in student loans I gladly would. In the meantime I'll continue to subscribe and give what support I can :D
David 3 weeks ago

I appreciate that you read my comics.

Stay tuned.
MylCreates 3 weeks ago
*thumbs up* 3 weeks ago
Thank you for subscribing to Singmire Haze! OuO
Dave Stankoven 3 weeks ago
Thank you for supporting, kind sir!
David 3 weeks ago
What can I say?

I was feeling "supporty."
abs 3 weeks ago
*grabs collar* why you so good at drawing... why.?!
David 3 weeks ago
I ain't.
abs 3 weeks ago
Yeees you areeee
David 3 weeks ago
Not really.

I like to think of my work as conceptual.
abs 3 weeks ago
Either way your very good at what you do