Michael Son 13 hours ago
winter contest idea is awesome, let me know when you plan something like that next time, i'd love to help promote it
Artworks Every Time
David creator 13 hours ago
The Big Bear 19 hours ago
Read Definably Random please.
David creator 16 hours ago
I took a look at it.
The Big Bear 7 hours ago
Thank you
David creator 21 hours ago


Congratulations and thanks to everyone who played.
The Big Bear Yesterday
Bait and switch third panel picture frame
David creator 22 hours ago
Hmm... let me just see who got there first....
The Big Bear 20 hours ago
Winter Contests!
David creator Yesterday
Wesley de Vree supporter 1 week ago
I'm gonna try to give you the first like/vieuw on your 100 episode ^_^
David creator 6 days ago
Well, you have a distinct advantage.
Wesley de Vree supporter 6 days ago
he he
Liao 1 week ago
Be propitious to me, Oh GoDavid, for the sake of Your great, adorable and holy name. Turn your heart and mind to your people on Earth and grant them with your holy comics. Let it be your most sacred will to restore the body and soul of all the afflicted subscribers from the fasting of your sacred words and art. Hail and Adoration!
Liao 1 week ago
Hi :3 I was just wondering when your next comic it's coming. And if you mind me annoying you with that priestess stuff.
David creator 1 week ago
You can read my next comic on the 21st.

How is it going, building me an audience in Brazil?
Liao 1 week ago
Of course, Your church is almost done. How we're going to name it?
David creator 1 week ago
If I were to start a cult, what would its values be?
Ramen Noodle Ninja 4 days ago
Looking at every individual interaction or event in life and searching for the humor instead of focusing on somber cycle of birth aging and death that is the circle of life?
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David creator 2 weeks ago
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