Amet 30 minutes ago
deer head person thing!
I can safely say I haven't found another comic like this one in all my ramblings.
David creator 15 hours ago
The "Min Dane Man" Show starts in two hours!
Wesley de Vree supporter 13 hours ago
Kallehmono 12 hours ago
Ok I guess an iphone can't play live streams... I'm doomed...
David creator 11 hours ago
She's still going, but I am done.
::: S*uuut?::: 11 hours ago
judging by the blood on the wall, how stressed you look and how innocent Min looks, I am presuming the worst.
David creator 8 hours ago
It's -- how do you say -- "magic time" for Min.
Dane Dogs
David creator 5 days ago
David creator 1 week ago

Would you like to support an artist, but you don't have any money?

No money = No Problem !

I made a video to explain how you can support with NO MONEY!

It is 5 minutes. Please watch.

Also, many people disagree with me about "LYKES."

That's fine.

If you disagree, tell me. If you agree, tell me.


mjheijster supporter 5 days ago
Aha. Question: what is your favorite type of pie?
Isolyte 5 days ago
that is one good question
David creator 2 days ago
@MJ - Strawberry Rhubarb
mjheijster supporter Yesterday
Thank you.
Isolyte Yesterday
It looks good but I don't usually like fancy grown up foods. Bleh
Kallehmono 2 weeks ago
I thought this was a good idea :)
andyeatscake 2 weeks ago
mob? ^_^ your drawing is very cute Kal
David creator 2 weeks ago
The teeming masses?
andyeatscake 2 weeks ago
*shrugs* meh
The Big Bear 1 week ago
David creator 1 week ago
Andy won't admit that she is teeming.
David creator 2 weeks ago

I need your help!

Soon, I will make a video and I want to answer YOUR questions.


How it works...

1) you send me your questions (limit 2 per person)
2) I choose my ten favorite
3) I answer them in a video

and last

4) I will choose a question, the asker of which, will win a custom (DaneMen-style) avatar ! ! ! 1 ! ! ! one ! ! !

Any questions?

L) @ \/ ! L)
The Big Bear 2 weeks ago
If you could be an animal which animal would you be?
If you could have any super power which super power would it be?
Archie Rho 2 weeks ago
If you could cross a horse and a rhino to get an unicorn, would you do it? (If yes, then how?) o.o
Milsi42 2 weeks ago
Archie, I think crossing the horse and a Narwhall would be more interesting
Archie Rho 2 weeks ago
Ok, then let me rephrase. If you could cross a horse and a narwhall to get an unicorn with fins and who knows what other mutation, would you do it? (If yes, then how would you cheat the horse to go into the sea and make them do the "thing"?) o.o
The Big Bear 2 weeks ago
David creator 3 weeks ago
Akiocha 3 weeks ago
your comics are always funny and interesting and you have a really unique art style that I always love to see. Keep it up you awesome person!
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David creator 3 weeks ago
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Min 4 weeks ago
I also want to draw danemen
Min 4 weeks ago
David creator 4 weeks ago

please send me an email at:
Wesley de Vree supporter 3 weeks ago
im so excited~
David creator 3 weeks ago
Min's the best!
Wesley de Vree supporter 3 weeks ago
all hail to min \0/