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David creator Yesterday
To my readers,

Nobody supports me BECAUSE of my awesome mixtapes.


My supporters support me DESPITE my awesome mixtapes.

HOWEVER, today is your lucky day.

HERE is a little SUNSHINE for you:

Wesley de Vree supporter 21 hours ago
for a second i though you were angry~~~
Not Your Best Friend 19 hours ago
I'd support you for your rad mix tapes u-u
Larg 17 hours ago
This Video is so Deep that i see Adele Rolling in it... apart of the Joke the music is Awesome Thanks David!
lak 10 hours ago
mother of god its great. why would people not like this!
Milsi42 5 hours ago
Now i wish i could support you ;-;
ClaudeWicked 3 days ago
Is Danetropolis going to be an exclusively supporter only comic? Or is the lock early release?
David creator 3 days ago
Everyone will be able to read my new comic.

I like to see what my supporters think of things before I open it up to everyone.
Started reading some of your comic! I love it so far :D super clever and though provoking, for sure!
David creator 4 days ago
Sweet Pork,

Thanks for writing.

Now that I have provoked you to thinking, what are you thinking about?

SWEET PORK COMICS 1 minute ago
At the moment, how to improve a car I'm trying to draw
I think I get how to draw people alright
But I don't get cars.
Organics before mechanics.

Is there anything that you might struggle at drawing a little bit? If anything xD
Jacen 6 days ago
You know who's awesome? Read the first word in the comment.

Spreading smiles one page at a time. :D

What a magnificent beard!
David creator 4 days ago
Thanks, Jacen.

If you want to grow a great beard like me, the secret ingredient is hair!
R. Merryweather 1 week ago
David you wonderful tie-clad man!

How are you?
David creator 1 week ago

Long time, no see.

I'm good, you?

R. Merryweather 1 week ago
We should chat some more. Based on your comics, I'm guessing you're a pretty interesting person to hang out with.

I'm good too. Despite none of my comics having more than 2k subscribers, I have a pretty massive global subscriber count, due to having so many series.
David creator 1 week ago
You sure have a lot of supporters!

What is your preferred method of chatting?
R. Merryweather 1 week ago
Skype or Facebook
David creator 1 week ago

Two of you have won portraits!

Was it you?

David creator 1 week ago
@Isolyte - no
andyeatscake 5 days ago
"I probably going to start giving away custom Tapastic avatars every month. " oh my, oh my, imagine having the whole of tapastic covered in Danefied people!! O__O
M.L.E. Mae 5 days ago
I don't think he just does danefied people, people. But, yeah, that'd be intense, need to make a day of it.
Not Chuckles 3 days ago
oh so that's where the DaneChu came from. cool
The Big Bear 3 days ago
Min 1 week ago
I'm glad that you're still doing stuff tho
David creator 1 week ago
You're a real sweetie-pie, Min. :)
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