David creator 5 days ago
Hello and how are you?!,

Just an update:
1) New Awkword about the T-Rump.

2) New DaneMen is up, too!

3) nope!


MrUnknownGuy 4 days ago
10) the number 10!
Micah (Monstrosaur7) 4 days ago
11) Potato Cake
Captain Polar Bear 4 days ago
12) weaponth of math dethtruction
Kallehmono 4 days ago
13) *explosions*
David creator 4 days ago
You guys are ALLLLLLLLL-right!
Epic Pompadour Guy Aug 28
Hey Dave,
Thank you for making "The Daneman", I enjoy it a lot
I decided to make this little comic strip in wich i tried to make as Danemen-ish as possible as a token of my gratitude.
Once again thanks and I hope you like it
David creator 5 days ago
very "cool", Guy!
Epic Pompadour Guy 5 days ago
thnks, you "snow" how to make puns
David creator 4 days ago
Weather or not people like 'em.
Epic Pompadour Guy 3 days ago
C'mon of course they like it, all hail your jokes.
mjheijster Aug 25
Sorry, can't support you anymore for the foreseeable future. My girlfriend no longer receives any money so we've dropped a lot in money.
David creator Aug 25

I understand.

I appreciate all of the support that you've been able to give.

Are we square when it comes to Rewards?

I hope that things pick up for you and your girlfriend.

mjheijster Aug 25
Don't worry, you didn't receive that much from me anyway ;)

It'll get better when she can actually finish school and gets a job, for now, it sucks ;)
David creator Aug 24

Again, I apologize about the lack of activity. I am still entertaining family and cannot get to the art-making.

As always, you can enjoy the newest DaneMen comics at:

Be back soon!

andyeatscake Aug 24
ave fun young Davi!!
MrUnknownGuy Aug 24
doing charades often?
David creator Aug 26
David creator Aug 19

No comics at the moment...

Wedding Anniversary + Family Visiting

You can always read my comics at that other comic site.

David creator Aug 10
Scene From "The DaneMen Meet Magritte!"

Alexander Shekhtman Aug 10
Nice, I like it. ... Also, FIRST!
MaskedGuy Aug 11
wait but thats a pipe....im so confuse rigth now!!!!
Alexander Shekhtman Aug 11
MaskedGuy, click the "tinyurl" link above the image to get the whole picture. Then you'll get the joke.
Pigaletta Aug 07
Hey hey here's my homework. I'm a day off two months early, but I hope it's okay.

India has an east-west distance of 2,933 km, which would normally suggest the use of two time zones for the east and west portions of India *. The sun rises about 2 hours later in the westernmost areas (such as the Rann Of Kucchh) than in eastern border.
To avoid having two to three time zones, GMT+5:30 is used. The use of a single time zone is also convenient for India's extensive rail network.

*as compared to, say, Mongolia, which has an east-west distance of 2,368km and two time zones varying by one hour.

(...I really hope I don't have to redo this...)
David creator Aug 08

I have not verified the truthfulness of the claims you've made, but I trust ya.

Great Job!
Pigaletta Aug 09
Yaaaaay thank you. ^A^
David creator Aug 06
let's LIVESTREAM today

1pm (pst)

That's in about 2 hours.


See you there!
NinjabotXI Aug 06
Cool! I got good news!
Dave Stankoven Aug 06
What you too?
David creator Aug 06
Who else, Dave?

You, Min or Diogo?
Dave Stankoven Aug 06
I think min started a bit ago and I'm streaming in 10. Diogo probably won't be far behind.
NinjabotXI Aug 06
is diogo streaming today?
where are you?
David creator Aug 06
What's up, Muneca?

David creator Aug 02
Are you pro or con Netiquette?


Hope you enjoy!
lethe supporter Aug 02
Hehe, Con Netiquette, Connecticut.
Alexander Shekhtman Aug 03
I see what you did there...