HawkHunting yesterday
hey david
HunkyPotato did a comic after your stream

David creator yesterday
I heard/saw!
R. Merryweather 3 days ago
Got it!! The Danemen takes place in a post apocalyptic future where a virus killed all humans except one man, who has gone so insane from being the last man on earth, he hallucinates other people to interact with.

The problem is, after so many years, he has forgotten how to speak.
David creator 3 days ago
This is essentially correct.
R. Merryweather 2 days ago
He also seems to have forgotten what other people look like.
David creator May 21
Anybody out there in Tapasticland near Vancouver, BC this weekend?
Archie Rho May 22
that's...hella north-ish to me
MaskedGuy May 22
same continent different country :P good luck
CoalCactus May 22
Shit, i'm going there next summer... god dingus damn it.
daron supporter May 22
if only I was home in Seattle... have some Kintaro Ramen for me!
CoalCactus 7 days ago
Will do! Oh wait...
Lae May 10
your mom must be proud now that you're a superhero.
maybe you should make a cut in your sleeve to expose your tattoo! she'd be thrilled I think
David creator May 10
Thanks for reading, Lae!

It just kills me that nobody on Tapastic can see my stuff. :(
Lae May 10
we can! just ..not on Tapastic ;(
but I'm glad you're able to make your comics like this still ^^
Kallehmono May 07
LOOK!! Up in the sky! Its SUPER DAVI-*CRASH!!!* look... down on the... ground... *sigh*
(but seriously, thats pretty cool :)
The Big Bear May 07
SO AMAZINGSZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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David creator May 06
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David creator May 06
Michael Son May 06
How experimental did things get?
HawkHunting May 06
it was his first time streaming on picarto
so figuring stuff out
M.L.E. Mae May 06
streamception took place.
babykittens May 06
psychedelic man!
David creator May 08
@Michael - not super experiemental, but as Hawk said, I was figuring all the stuff out.
wewen May 03
Thank you for making me laugh!
David creator May 03
You are welcome!