Atsuki 7 days ago
Hi David ^_^
Mhm sorry again for being to late but...

> _ < I wish you had a happy birthday
David creator Jul 20

For those of you who came to Picarto last Thursday, thank you.

Here ( ) is the finished comic.

Maybe you think that having to work on your birthday is a bad thing, but I love my job.

It was a very nice birthday.


HawkHunting Jul 20
it was very fun david
thanks for spending your birthday with us
Atsuki Jul 20
ooooh I didn't know you were on webtoons, Yay! \(^ o ^)/
Pigaletta Jul 20
It was a lot of fun \(^O^)/ (except for my internet deciding to take a break every few minutes)
LlaMADramA Jul 22
belated happy birthday! :)
Atsuki 7 days ago
"It was a very nice birthday."- How could I not notice that T _ T
Natasha Dancy Jul 20
Natasha Dancy Jul 20
Also, thank you for all your support dude! And I didn't realise it was your birthday! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I really hope you had an awesome time :)!! That you ate lots of cake and it was great weather and you had a bbq and the birds were singing and there was ice cream @w@!! Take care!
Jacen Jul 19
Sorry my time machine still has a couple kinks but only missing by a few days isn't as bad as it's been in the past, my past, otherwise happy belated birthday!
Stay awesome!
David creator Jul 19
Not to worry, Jacen.
ohway234555 Jul 17
hapey bday!
David creator Jul 19
Thank you!
The Masked Mysadaean Jul 16
Hippy Bacon duck, Dana!! [Click!] Happy Birthday, David!
David creator Jul 19
Thanks, Mysadaean.
ZatchZ Jul 16
Happy Mother Truckin' Birthday!
David creator Jul 19
Thanks, Zatch!
ZatchZ Jul 19
I'm sorry that I didn't bring a cake, but the 83-year-old-
I got something for this.
Umbreon Jul 16
Happy Birthday!!
David creator Jul 19
Thanks, Umbreon!
Heliorose Jul 16
Happy birthday!!! Pie is always good in such an occasion XD
David creator Jul 19

Strawberry-Rhubard is my favorite.
Heliorose Jul 20
That's a good one
Megan McKay Jul 16
David creator Jul 19
Thanks, Megan!