toiim creator May 14
TEST 16/3
toiim creator May 14
What's up! Thanks for stopping by.
Don't Know
toiim creator Mar 21
Tato Mar 15
TOIIM, SAGE OF THE COSMOS. I deliver your prize unto you. I'll also post a few short explanations on my wall to share your glorious reward with the world.
toiim creator Mar 16
Absol-utely great.
Tato Mar 16
that's a bidoof-ul pun
Tato Mar 04
ONCE AGAIN you have risen a rank! Wow, you're blowing by these pretty quick. Now I'll do a "serious" doodle of whatever you want. Maybe I'll add in color? Maybe the lineart will be cleaner? I dunno. Point is, it'll look nicer than a silly doodle.
toiim creator Mar 05
Draw Oda Nobunaga with his favorite pokemon in the I love you Bambette style. And Nobunaga is holding a pokéball.
Tato Mar 09
just to make sure, do you mean Oda Nobunaga as in the Oda from Bambette, or do you mean actual Oda Nobunaga? cuz i can totally do both
toiim creator Mar 11
Didn't know there was any other than Bambette's Oda Nobunaga. I want the one from Bambette.
Tato Mar 11
toiim creator Mar 03