littlepinkpebble Nov 11
S U M O H U G ! ! !
Ddongman Mar 25
What's up! Thanks for stopping by.
Tato Mar 15
TOIIM, SAGE OF THE COSMOS. I deliver your prize unto you. I'll also post a few short explanations on my wall to share your glorious reward with the world.
toiim creator Mar 16
Absol-utely great.
Tato Mar 16
that's a bidoof-ul pun
Tato Mar 04
ONCE AGAIN you have risen a rank! Wow, you're blowing by these pretty quick. Now I'll do a "serious" doodle of whatever you want. Maybe I'll add in color? Maybe the lineart will be cleaner? I dunno. Point is, it'll look nicer than a silly doodle.
toiim creator Mar 05
Draw Oda Nobunaga with his favorite pokemon in the I love you Bambette style. And Nobunaga is holding a pokéball.
Tato Mar 09
just to make sure, do you mean Oda Nobunaga as in the Oda from Bambette, or do you mean actual Oda Nobunaga? cuz i can totally do both
toiim creator Mar 11
Didn't know there was any other than Bambette's Oda Nobunaga. I want the one from Bambette.
Tato Mar 11
Tato Feb 18
FOR YOU! Thanks for waiting!
toiim creator Feb 21
These looks super fantastic! And... kind of like... POKÉMON!???!?
Tato Feb 21
omg i see it
they're fighting types
Tato Feb 09
Toiim, SAGE OF COSMOS! You've risen a rank in my army! I will bestow upon you a silly doodle of whatever you want!
toiim creator Feb 11
Cuong or Nhan from Strawberry Land (or both!)
Tato Feb 11