Alexander Shekhtman 2 days ago
Why no Daily Snack? It's been ten minutes already! AAAAAH! (07FEB2016 1512+5R)
Alexander Shekhtman 2 days ago
Still no Daily Snack, and it's been nine hours. What the heck?
Amet Jan 29
get all yer boys into this if you want, if nox is on this might get very philosophical for the 5 minutes people are leaving comments on it today.
superdrew100 Jan 24
Is the Tapastic server getting over loaded or something? cause sometimes there is lag spikes and randomly not being able to connect to Tapastic sometimes.
ROBOTunderscore Jan 20
how do i increase my chances of getting featured
ROBOTunderscore Jan 21
as in, daily comic snack
Amet Jan 29
there's this forum post that was a big discussion on various methods of garnering readership a while back, if I remember it right.
Amélie Hutt Jan 20
Thank you so much for featuring my work! I am humbled.
Diana Jan 16
Quick Q ... do you guys have an IG account ??? ... If you do... I cant find it :'(
ROBOTunderscore Jan 16
hi! please dont bite
Taco bus Jan 10
Thanks for the Staff Pick! You guys make me feel so loved <3