eyugho 17 hours ago
The Big Bear Yesterday
You should really consider making unread notifications come to the top in the notifications bar it is extremely annoying to scroll all the way down click on comment and then scroll lots more.
Elli supporter Yesterday
Milestone award! Cat love! Thank you for your support <3
The Big Bear Yesterday
Aw so cute
Michael Son supporter Yesterday
Alissa (Alice) Yesterday
I saw the new collection Manga Madness, and thought that my comic could also be included. I have no idea how being included works though *ashamed*
Thats why I'm going to leave the link to my comic here, and hope for the best ^^;
Benjo 2 days ago
Can a foreigner make money on tapastic even he / she is not in the U.S. ?
TAPASTIC STAFF creator 2 days ago
yes, as long as they have a legitimate bank account and has an account on paypal
Benjo Yesterday
Thank you . :) also can you give an in structional guide to where can I check my balance . ?
Benjo 12 hours ago
Could use a paypal account even if im stationed from another country ?
TAPASTIC STAFF creator 11 hours ago
if paypal says yes, than we say yes
TAPASTIC STAFF creator 11 hours ago
support creators get easy access to balance, so you don't have to worry about that
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TAPASTIC STAFF creator 3 days ago
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skylernarcisse5 4 days ago
Is your app on the apple store
Michael Son supporter 3 days ago
YEP! We're also building a new app so keep your eyes out for that soon :)
Jacen 4 days ago
You know who's awesome? Read the first word in the comment.

Spreading smiles one page at a time. :D

And the rest of you people...
TAPASTIC STAFF creator 2 days ago
dantecutler 4 days ago
Do you guys have any thoughts on Inkblazers closing? :(
Michael Son supporter 3 days ago
"I've been mulling over what to say about the recent news that Inkblazers is shutting down. There aren't any right words to say, it feels more like a close friend passing away than a website shutting down. I think it's because I've been using their site for the past two years, I've enjoyed reading so many great stories, watching their community grow, and most of all just learning. I learned a lot from them, from what they did and how they did, trying to see how it applied to us at Tapastic. I would like to think that we drove each other to do great things, that we pushed each other to innovate that much more and the webcomics space is worse now without them." -wrote this a little over a month ago.
OopsComic supporter 6 days ago
No Chat Wah! :C lol oh well, see ya next live stream. OuO
TAPASTIC STAFF creator 6 days ago
yeah, super sad right now
TAPASTIC STAFF creator 6 days ago
so sorry ::( i have failed the world
OopsComic supporter 6 days ago
No! How will I get through my week without a Tapastic live stream?! Ugh! haha
TAPASTIC STAFF creator 6 days ago
OopsComic supporter 6 days ago
*hug* no worries, I'll manage to survive... Somehow. ;)