LizixofxNod 2 days ago
A pretty long video ad is holding me hostage and my wifi isn't good. ;-; It won't let me pause, either.
Diogo Dornelles 2 days ago
hey staff i went to a meeting today with this pretty t-shirt.

thanks for the gift, i loved it u v u
feyuca 2 days ago
watch out we got a cutie here
TAPASTIC STAFF creator 2 days ago
Glad it arrived safely Diogo!! You look great! :D
Monty Rohde 2 days ago
In celebration of hitting 150ish comic strips I'm allowing supporters to choose the subject of a joke.
Send me a list of 5 to 10 words, a random sentence, or a topic. I can't guarantee what the end product will be like, I may focus on single word and run with it. This will be a fun experiment.
Hiwatari Ki 日渡希 3 days ago
Thank you so much for supporting my works~ d>A<b
And for keeping this site running!
Thefatzombie supporter 3 days ago
Thank you guys for everything! especially for supporting me! ^___^ <3
Wonimo 4 days ago
If I post a picture that I made, of a copyrighted thing, like star wars or avengers, would my comic become uneligible for 1) the support program or 2) the ad revenue?

Are pictures for fanbases allowed in general?

Thanks for your time.
Hierogriff supporter 4 days ago
yeah same?
Kasaika 4 days ago
Hi, tapastic is amazing, thank You for creating it !
LizixofxNod 6 days ago
I have not seen a single hate comment on here, how do you do it?
Wrog 5 minutes ago
Because of their smiley mascot.
OopsComic supporter 7 days ago
Are you guys still livestreaming today?
Lae supporter 7 days ago
wasn't it so that before, the 'notify subscribers' button would remain dark after clicking it? as if you'd mark it.
since it kinda looks the same ON/OFF, I'm often confused whether my subscribers get notified or not.
TAPASTIC STAFF creator 7 days ago
Hey Lae! It the bell currently is filled in and dark when Notify Subscribers is turned ON. When it's off, it is not filled it. You can also double check by highlighting over the bell.

But you bring up a valid point! I sometimes get confused as well. We'll try to work something better out! :)
Lae supporter 7 days ago
ahh, I thought so, sometimes it really is blank both on OFF and ON, but maybe it's something with my browser? like the zoom thingie from the schedule.. ^^"
TAPASTIC STAFF creator 7 days ago
Ahh hmmm.... it might be lag from your internet, or something with your browser? *___* If you have time to send us screenshots with browser info next time it happens, we'd really appreciate it! :)

Thanks Lae!
Lae supporter 7 days ago
okay, I will if it's like that next time :)