chichafox Yesterday
Does anyone know what the "contest rules" episode is or where to find it? I've subscribed and I don't see it and I want the 5 extra contest entries
TAPASTIC STAFF creator 4 hours ago
Yes, it's the very first episode titled "How to Win"

rawankhalaf37 2 days ago
In love with this app!!!
Eman 2 days ago
I can't wait to share my one-shot here with you all :D
komatachia 3 days ago
I love this site :)
TAPASTIC STAFF creator 3 days ago
And we love you, komatachia! ; v ; ♥
(thank you!! *///v///*)
Lee 3 days ago
is possible for the creators upload their comics through the tapastic app on both droid and ios?
TAPASTIC STAFF creator 3 days ago
No, unfortunately. Comics are currently meant to be uploaded on web only. :) But you can upload using a mobile device by visiting and switching to desktop view.
Lee 3 days ago
close enough, perhaps in the future we can do it from the app
H 3 days ago
Since its possible to upload comics to g+, facebook, ect. I was wondering if it was possible to make Pinterest an option, or will that not work?