Wolf 22 hours ago
Wolf 22 hours ago
Amet-as-sexy-patrick 2 days ago
glitch time again!
have fun, I spent some time in gimp this time instead of just screenshotting.
Agentzap 2 days ago
lol noob
i use paint.net
David Scott Smith 3 days ago
Hello, supporters!

Go on over to Space Base 8, there is some new Supporters-Only stuff for you to check out.


And if you happen to be around Los Angeles this weekend, look for me at Comikazee Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I will be there doing the "meet and greet", and selling Space Base 8 books, buttons, and posters. It would be great to see you in person!

Thanks again for your support!

David Scott Smith
Sexy_Dane_Min 6 days ago
Last week, on Danetropolis (The DaneMen Facebook page) I gave away a free Danimated portrait.

I made a video of the making of that portrait for you -- the supporters!

Feast your eyes on this:

Agentzap 6 days ago
theres a bug, chrome wont lemme click the spotlight as apparently bit.ly has malware
David Scott Smith 1 week ago
Hi awesome supporters! In case you don't already know, there is some supporter-only content over at Space Base 8 today. Go ahead and take a look.

Thanks for your support!

David Scott Smith
David Scott Smith 2 weeks ago
Thanks so much for supporting me. You guys are great, and I look forward to making great comics with you all for a long time. Thanks again, for everything!
TAPASTIC STAFF creator 1 week ago