Eman 2 days ago
Could you guys check out my short comic 'Words'? C: its supposed to make you laugh lol
HaZi3 4 days ago
After I updated the Tapastic app on my android phone, now each of the daily 5 comics needs to be clicked/selected in order to read the full comic. Last time I just need to scroll down to read all the comics. Is this a new update? I prefer the old one where I can read all 5 comics continously. It is so much easier to read all the comics. Can I set my account back to continously read all 5 comics without needing to select each of them to read it? Thank you.
Cattymadness 4 days ago
Um... Excuse me? I'm looking for the Tapastic janitor team. A group of us just had a recent celebration about the fact we had kept a comment chain alive for a year now but... It's kind of a mess now... Do you think you could get the janitor team right over? It's here: http://tapastic.com/episode/55401?comment_id=919356
At the very very very very very very large comment chain. You can't miss it.
PizzaQueen Aug 19
hey I started a comic called The Last Pizza Slice since about a month.My comic went trending/popular a couple of times but I wanted my comic to show up in tapastic spotlight/tapastic picks or even tapastic front page. Unfortunately, only popular comics show up in there. I wanted to know what are the requirements and how long can my comic stay in tapastic spotlight.
riadoodles Aug 17
Hey supportors~! I don't know if you know that I changed my rewards perks... So i understand if any of you want to cancel/change your donations! Thank you anyways for all the support you gave me! Here is a sepcial "Thank you" Frankie doodle for you!
Ricky. G supporter Aug 14
thank you for the spotlight!! =D
helpedbeatle302 Aug 12
??i keep on resending the verification for my account but it wont work???
TAPASTIC STAFF creator Aug 13
Your account has been confirmed :)
Chocolate Aug 07
The spotlight didnt change the title 3:
TAPASTIC STAFF creator Aug 07
it's fixed now