Shy Gay 2 days ago
Thank you for the support! :D 6 days ago
Hey there, guess what? You've reached the 10$ milestone for supporting me! This means you can request me a drawing in Singmire Haze's style OuO
The Big Bear 6 days ago
When are you going to delete my account?
The Big Bear 2 days ago
Forget it
Ricky. G Jun 23
Thank you for the support!
Brooklyn Suthers Jun 23
I know it's late, but....
Ricky. G Jun 22
Happy bday tapastic! Best online comunity for webcomic!
TAPASTIC STAFF creator Jun 22
Thank you for all your birthday wishes, Creators! This is technically true since this is when our beta program started.
However, our official birthday is November 15 as can be found here:
Mikochi supporter Jun 24
(Kinda shy to comment on something but...) Omg same birthdays //;v;//~ What a coincidence!
LizixofxNod Jun 21
Happy third birthday! Love this site~!
Pigaletta Jun 21
Happy third Birthday, Tapastic!
Thank you for being such an awesome place <3
SundaeQuests Jun 21
HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY YOU GUYS!!! And if there are any dads on the Tapastic staff, Happy Father's Day, too!