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David 6 days ago
Until I can make a proper thank you GIF.
lemelol10 6 days ago
Hey, Tapastic? I was wondering if I could use the mascot of this site for a comic series? Also, can I use it full time? The comic series is going to be about tapasic, after all.
Agentzap 1 week ago
Hey Tapastic! This goes in "Cat-urday" collection! :P
Amet 2 weeks ago
I've been getting a weird bug recently with the ads in between chapters, they all look like this.
unrelated, I've decided to call you the stafftastic taps from now on.
jjiabun 1 week ago
try eating the cookie to make it smaller... :P
Amet 1 week ago
I can't eat these cookies, I have bad reactions to whatever flour they use.
The cookies have been eaten. Sorry, we were migrating our ad servers - should be all fine now though :)
Amet 1 week ago
well now I get logged out every couple of minutes, but I get to see the front page artwork for those unlogged so it's all cool.
Brad Potts 2 weeks ago
The Sunday-Superheroes, Stalker Graphic Novel Crowdfunder is in it's final 3 days!! It'll ship in time for Christmas!! It'll help make sure Stalker #5 is here on Tapastic in April!! Please back the project at and tell all your friends!!
mjhangis 2 weeks ago
Hey, I saw in the spotlight a comic that has not been updated in a year. I would think you would spotlight comic creators who are actually producing there work presently. Just wondering.
I am a reader and not a creator.
Are you referring to our Mystery Box (the one on the far right?). We try to feature older and newer work just to try and get more engagement for all of our creators :)
mjhangis 6 days ago
How about having a box that highlights people who update frequently
mjhangis 6 days ago
But who have not been show cased by Tapastic
Great suggestion!
Brad Potts 1 month ago
Sorry, a mistake in the link
Brad Potts 1 month ago
First of all, thank you so much for being a subscriber. Second, please pardon this intrusion. Today, I launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Sunday-Superheroes comic. I'm reaching out to you and asking that you please back this project to help ensure that I can continue to publish Sunday-Superheroes each week and without any long hiatus. thanks for your time. You can find the project at
ryuuenx 1 month ago
Thank you for subscribing to Project O!