Kat Thavornkant 4 hours ago
Thank you for your support!
Enjoy your $1 milestone reward!
TAPASTIC STAFF creator 16 hours ago
Don't miss the latest new addition to "Tapastic Premium". Very beautiful story and art.
KJ Tower 5 days ago
Thank you very much for supporting! ...and for approving my application in the first place! :D
I've been so busy lately so I still haven't made anything more to give back at the moment (like dem fancy thank you images ;~;), but I promise I'll make something soon!
Lae supporter 1 week ago
what's with next Saturday not existing?
I've seen this a few times =/
Lae supporter 1 week ago
yes! it worked! thanks, wouldn't have thought of that myself :p
David supporter 5 days ago
The old 90% zoom problem.

Gets me every time.
Lae supporter 3 days ago
I'm not alone? :D
Rwars 21 hours ago
Another way to zoom in and out is with ctrl/cmd + mouse wheel!
David supporter 21 hours ago
Lae - I think I discovered this bug 2 years ago. :P
keiiii 1 week ago
Thank you so much for supporting Heart of Keol! Here's a high res 16:9 wallpaper, featuring the recent scene of wyrms flying toward the sunset.


I hope that's not too big! If you have any suggestions for additional supporter milestones, or any suggestions in general, please let me know ^^

TAPASTIC STAFF creator 1 week ago
no problemo
Pudge 1 week ago
Hiya Tapastic Staff! I'm here to deliver your $5 milestone reward: a Deep Fried Pudge wallpaper crazy enough to burn your eyeballs. Thank you so much for your continued support (also, I think your website is pretty neat).
Pudge 1 week ago
(if you would like a higher resolution version of this wallpaper, feel free to let me know... I just figured, with how many folks you support, you have lots of wallpapers by now!)
TAPASTIC STAFF creator 1 week ago
samuelsajo 1 week ago
Single Life
Published in MAD Magazinne Brazil
Dave Stankoven supporter 2 weeks ago
Hey guys. Live stream in 30 minutes. Here: https://new.livestream.com/accounts/11215285/events/3806807?help=true
William B 2 weeks ago
Is there going to be maintenance on saturday? I can't seem to schedule updates for this coming saturday
Charlie Higson 2 weeks ago
You my friend have just received your first reward from the 'HECK IF I KNOW' reward system.

Its a terrible, 5 minute personalised digital sketch done by me, Charlie Higson.

I apologise for nothing!

Thank you for your continued support!