Bonnie Pang supporter 3 days ago
Oh my god I just got a Tapastic postcard in my mail with a drawing on it. 200% did not expect it and man it's wonderfull!! :D Thank you so much to all Tapastic Staff! Who drew that sketch on the postard? The drawing is so pretty but I can't figure it out from the signature.

Thanks for making my day and have a splendid day as well! :)

Amet 5 days ago
here catch!
David Jul 22
Is there going to be a livestream this Friday?
Jacen Jul 20
Hey just asking if there's a way to turn off all of our comments being on our profile page. Have a good day and stay awesome!
Lee Jul 19
Tapastic how come there isn't a supernatural genre? I'm making a new series but it's not exactly horror and I'm not sure if supernatural counts as sci-fi. please help ;v;
TAPASTIC STAFF creator Jul 20
fantasy maybe?
Oxx Yuzou Jul 14
Hi.... WOWW, somebody bit just me!¬¬
TAPASTIC STAFF creator Jul 21
do you have rabies now?
Oxx Yuzou Jul 21
(Ok, it was “just bit me“) Noup, I'm fine, but you promised you didn't bite. u.u
TAPASTIC STAFF creator Jul 21
but i couldn't help myself
Oxx Yuzou Jul 21
that's cheating
TAPASTIC STAFF creator Jul 21
abigailvidal5 Jul 10
hola :D
TAPASTIC STAFF creator Jul 21
OopsComic supporter Jul 10
Hey guys, fyi feedback. Noticed this morning that me and a few other creators were having issues posting new episodes. Notifications weren't being sent with the new episode launch. I ended up tweaking the existing episode and sending out notifications that way, but some people were aggressively deleting and reuploading. haha oh my.
TAPASTIC STAFF creator Jul 21
system shutdown in 5...4...3...2...1
echorise Jul 08
Hey there! You have earned the $10 reward for supporting me, meaning I'll draw you a sketch of any Lure character you wish! Any preferences?
TAPASTIC STAFF creator Jul 21
haha you don't have to worry about fulfilling rewards for us
echorise Jul 21
Well alrighty then~
thompsonshian Jul 05
Hey like this page very much
TAPASTIC STAFF creator Jul 21
tanks very much