Brad Potts 2 weeks ago
Sorry, a mistake in the link
Brad Potts 3 weeks ago
First of all, thank you so much for being a subscriber. Second, please pardon this intrusion. Today, I launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Sunday-Superheroes comic. I'm reaching out to you and asking that you please back this project to help ensure that I can continue to publish Sunday-Superheroes each week and without any long hiatus. thanks for your time. You can find the project at
ryuuenx 3 weeks ago
Thank you for subscribing to Project O!
Drew 3 weeks ago
I so happy to know that the staff will be reading my comics, thanks for the sub!
Anthony White 4 weeks ago
Thanks for subscribing to After Reality! We're honored
BladeRabbit 4 weeks ago
Oh thanks for subbing to my comic tap staff, I totes don't feel any pressure because of it.
Amet 4 weeks ago
heeey i found a bug but I"m too lazy to find the contact us area so here it is:
if you post a comment and then click on that little button that says "x more comments" that usually reveals all the comments, your comment will appear twice because it pops up the first time you make a comment and is included as part of the other comments in the list, though it isn't there if you refresh the page.
TAPASTIC STAFF 4 weeks ago
Working on it!
Codesurfer 1 month ago
0.0 I have surpassed the website's staff on reading list size.
Michael Son 4 weeks ago
For now... For now...
TAPASTIC STAFF 4 weeks ago
FlyingChibiSprites 1 month ago
I have a question; how does one get popular on here? Do we wait until you decide we're worthy of popularity, or does it just come?
Codesurfer 1 month ago
it just comes. ask Amet
abs 1 month ago
Just comment on everything
Amet 4 weeks ago
it helps to be interesting, but just commenting and liking will earn an artist's eternal gratitude here, I could go on for pages of how important comment structure is to it, but that's something you have to figure out on your own.
just imagine me sitting here, twisting my mustache and chuckling while I type this, it'll help you to get a better idea of what I'm talking about.
abs 4 weeks ago
Listen to amet and that long paragraph is what none of us could be bothered to wright.
FlyingChibiSprites 4 weeks ago
Hey, thank you all! I'll take your advice.
3Iron 2 months ago
I'm not comic ' er I have some very interesting dialogues [is there a place for that?]
TAPASTIC STAFF 4 weeks ago
Try the forums :)