MylCreates Oct 01, 2014
Hi! I'm going around meeting my Tapastic neighbors, would you like to chat? :D
Ndbag creator Oct 07, 2014
Wow. That is quite a long time. I started my comic strip in 2010. Even though I have been writing for a long time, it's my first comic. And I am still doing it! :O
MylCreates Oct 07, 2014
Yeah, I'm always surprised and inspired at how long some people carry on their comics :D
Ndbag creator Oct 09, 2014
To be honest, so am I. I never thought that I could keep it up this long. ^__^;;;;
MylCreates Oct 09, 2014
still, good for you *thumbs up*
Ndbag creator Oct 11, 2014
Thank you very, very much!!! I try... ^__^;;;