FaithWalkers Yesterday
Hello! Do you ever plan to self-publish your works for Randomphilia as a book? Definitely would be interested in buying in the future. :)
Jared XXx_TK64_xXX 1 week ago
Hi Devin. Yay 295 post! Anyways, keep up the good work and stay awsome. Your comics are still awsome. You've done a great job
Lae 2 weeks ago
my friend Diva wants to thank you for me for reading my comics.
and me too, I want to thank you too.
Knb 2 weeks ago
How come u never update Socially Prepared?
Anyone Can Cook
Devin Bosco Le creator 2 weeks ago
Devin Bosco Le creator 3 weeks ago
Added 1-800 to RANDOMPHILIA
The Big Bear 3 weeks ago
How is your latest comic supporter only even when your support program doesn't work?
Maoki 3 weeks ago
I just started Socially Prepared--it is bombing!
Jared XXx_TK64_xXX 1 month ago
Hey Devin Bosco Le. Thanks for the post. Sorry this is late. Keep up the good work and like you said, stay awsome! You actually motivated me to motivate again... if that makes sense. Thank you again.
Devin Bosco Le creator 1 month ago
Hey Internet friends! I got a few emails asking about the print giveaway last month, so here's an update. I've already picked the winners and will be sending the prints out soon. It might take a while though since I am writing all of the notes by hand. Please bear with me. -Devin
The Big Bear 1 month ago
He knows my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints*