That One File
Devin 1 week ago
MooDi Gfx 2 weeks ago
sooooo i saw this :D
Devin 1 week ago
Wow they are good at removing my credit tag :) HAHAHA. Thanks for the notice!
MooDi Gfx 1 week ago
lol well it's one of 9gag's people :v so it will be obvious that they are like ... professionals on removing tags :D ..
CK 2 weeks ago
Looking forward to the next SP episode! :)
albaan 2 weeks ago
I won a contest a few months ago (Ramdomphilia) , and have no idea what happened with my (beloved) prize... i'd tried to email you, but nothing happens. :( What can i do? :D
Devin 2 weeks ago
Hello there. All the t-shirts should have been sent out months ago. I got everyone's confirmation emails. However, I might have made mistake and sent it out to the wrong person :( What's your email? I will check it for you asap. Unless you are referring to the drawing prizes. You should have gotten a reply after your sent in your picture notifying you that your character will be featured in Season 3 of Randomphilia.
albaan 1 week ago
Oh!! I sent some pictures, but didn't receive any confirmation e-mail :S Maybe that's the reason. My email is :)
I think i only won the drawing piece, because you didn't ask my adress ;D
Thank you for all!!
That's So Off
Devin 2 weeks ago
Coming Soon
Devin 2 weeks ago