Jacen 5 days ago
You know who's awesome? Read the first word in the comment.

Spreading smiles one page at a time. :D

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College Life
Devin creator 6 days ago
Hang in There
Devin creator 1 week ago
ycleptKyara 1 week ago
I found you on 9gag today. (totally not procrastinating... pssh.) http://9gag.com/gag/aAVjE90.
The Great Destressor
Devin creator 1 week ago
So You Think You Can Dance
Devin creator 2 weeks ago
walidbardi 2 weeks ago
do you pray the holly potato ? D8
Devin creator 2 weeks ago
Holly or holy? :D I only pray to the holy potato.
Mikusta01 1 week ago
o lord of potatoes
Skyowl 1 week ago
...Oh potatoes and molasses *did she write a reference? aw,yiss*
Michael Son supporter 3 weeks ago
Your profile pic indicates that you'v gotten manlier.
Devin creator 3 weeks ago
If Mulan can become a man in a 3-min theme song, I think I can be manly in a 2 hrs drawing sess >:) JK but seriously doe that's my goal for this year, get swole.
fatfreesugar 3 weeks ago
Jacen 2 weeks ago
Must have gone in the hyperbolic time chamber.
College Accomplishments
Devin creator 3 weeks ago
Nowayon 4 weeks ago
http://tapastic.com/series/Surivive- this is my first comic please tell me is it good . ita a survival story from zombie
Devin creator 3 weeks ago
Ok. I'll check it out now.