Homezone-Toon Jan 10
Hello Devin.. We're releasing our new chapter about Dramatic (slash) Comedy story.. Really Hope you enjoy and More Feedback really helpful for us..


Thanks ^_^
Spyguy1503 Dec 17, 2015
Come back to usssssssss
Ben Saint Nov 27, 2015

The Vapors is a slice-of-life drama about the day-to-day lives of two extremely misanthropic college freshmen. If you like people who don't like people, give it a read!
Nowayon Oct 01, 2015
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Lae Mar 31, 2015
my friend Diva wants to thank you for me for reading my comics.
and me too, I want to thank you too.
Knb Mar 29, 2015
How come u never update Socially Prepared?
The Big Bear Mar 25, 2015
How is your latest comic supporter only even when your support program doesn't work?
Maoki Mar 22, 2015
I just started Socially Prepared--it is bombing!