yacine78941 Jun 04
Dude ... What a talent you have ! You are the best
pequenohereje May 04
I like a lot of artist... but man... you are the best! Love randomphilia <3
RaeylOkami May 01
Hello my name is Brittany Lewis and I am with Central City Comic Con. I am contacting you to see if you were interested in being an exhibitor at our first comic con this October. The dates are October 24th & 25th of this year. Here is a link to our exhibitor information and application: http://centralcitycomiccon.com/vendor-opportunities/.

I hope to hear back from you. Have a wonderful day.

~ Brittany Lewis
Central City Comic Con, Board of Directors
pizzanommer Apr 29
So, which came first? Your tapastic account, or your memecenter account?
FaithWalkers Apr 17
Hello! Do you ever plan to self-publish your works for Randomphilia as a book? Definitely would be interested in buying in the future. :)
Jared XXx_TK64_xXX Apr 05
Hi Devin. Yay 295 post! Anyways, keep up the good work and stay awsome. Your comics are still awsome. You've done a great job
Lae Mar 31
my friend Diva wants to thank you for me for reading my comics.
and me too, I want to thank you too.
Knb Mar 29
How come u never update Socially Prepared?
The Big Bear Mar 25
How is your latest comic supporter only even when your support program doesn't work?
Maoki Mar 22
I just started Socially Prepared--it is bombing!