Lae Mar 31
my friend Diva wants to thank you for me for reading my comics.
and me too, I want to thank you too.
Knb Mar 29
How come u never update Socially Prepared?
The Big Bear Mar 25
How is your latest comic supporter only even when your support program doesn't work?
Maoki Mar 22
I just started Socially Prepared--it is bombing!
Jared XXx_TK64_xXX Mar 01
Hey Devin Bosco Le. Thanks for the post. Sorry this is late. Keep up the good work and like you said, stay awsome! You actually motivated me to motivate again... if that makes sense. Thank you again.
DHJones Feb 22
have a look at this...
Sweatered Potato Feb 15
*pssst* I got that joke about polar bears breaking the ice~ ;w;
Devin Bosco Le creator Feb 15
Jacen Feb 17
Wow that was a TITANIC pun, but really, that was just cold...
Devin Bosco Le creator Feb 17
Nope. It wasn't a TITANIC pun. Taitanic can't break the ice :)
Jacen Feb 17
Oh that was cold... might need an ice pack for that one.
Jared XXx_TK64_xXX Feb 12
(This isn't a random comment.) hi Devin Bosco Le. I like your series: randomphilia. Its funny. Keep up the good work. Take good care of that cat too.
walidbardi Jan 12
do you pray the holly potato ? D8
Devin Bosco Le creator Jan 15
Holly or holy? :D I only pray to the holy potato.
Frey Jan 18
o lord of potatoes
Skyowl Jan 18
...Oh potatoes and molasses *did she write a reference? aw,yiss*
Highnoon Feb 04
Frey Feb 05
my precious
Michael Son Jan 05
Your profile pic indicates that you'v gotten manlier.
Devin Bosco Le creator Jan 06
If Mulan can become a man in a 3-min theme song, I think I can be manly in a 2 hrs drawing sess >:) JK but seriously doe that's my goal for this year, get swole.
fatfreesugar Jan 08
Jacen Jan 11
Must have gone in the hyperbolic time chamber.