apples Jul 27
O v O!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May creator Jul 27
May creator Jun 16
HI, FRIENDS! I've finally graduated! But now I'm dedicating the rest of the month to dental apps, so updates (and a new comic!) will be up hopefully by the end of the month or mid-July!! Thanks for hanging in there n____n
Atsuki Jun 17
Congratulations May ^_^
Skaia Jun 17
Congratulations and good luck with your dedication!
May creator Jun 17
Thank you, everyone!!
Toby Jun 17
Yussss cant wait for the updates!! congratz on graduating and good luck with those apps XP
patrickj Jun 18
Grats May!
T.Ace3AkaKeemyCakez Jun 07
Hey there, if you like action, adventure and Fantasy you should check out Birth By Creation! You'll enjoy it XD
awe May 08
Hi May! Thank you for subscribing to Samsara :D
May creator Apr 26
Hello friends! My dental school applications are opening up in June, so until then, updates for all comics are going to be very slow! Thank you for sticking with my thus far.
Toby Apr 26
ohh! Good luck with those applications!!!
FunnySuperBunny Apr 27
We'll be waiting! Good luck!!!!
Curious C Apr 27
Mayo-nee (マヨミ) Apr 21
"Thank you for the food!" Haha thank you for the sub! Hope for your continued support~
Ruriko-Sama Apr 19
Thank you so much for the subscribe!!
QueashN`d Apr 17
Hello there,just dropping by to say good job! ;D
May creator Apr 18
Ah, thank you so much!!!
May creator Apr 11
Happy siblings day!! n q n
May creator Mar 08
Sorry for the lack of updates the past few weeks ; o ; It's finals season, so I'll be back with more updates (and hopefully finally even an update for Godtech) in about two weeks!!! Thanks for hanging n 7 n
FunnySuperBunny Mar 08
Ugh finals. Well good luck!! ^_^
Sakura Blossom Kaze Mar 09
Good luck!