TWO - 14
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TWO - 13
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Sorry for the lack of updates the past few weeks ; o ; It's finals season, so I'll be back with more updates (and hopefully finally even an update for Godtech) in about two weeks!!! Thanks for hanging n 7 n
FunnySuperBunny 2 weeks ago
Ugh finals. Well good luck!! ^_^
Sakura Blossom Kaze 2 weeks ago
Good luck!
Dental Plan Included
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The Spirits Are Talking
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May creator 1 month ago
Is this how you send out updates... ANYWAY all comics on hold for this week because I have like 10 million tests to study for this week!!!!! Sorry for the wait!
K.I.I.A 1 month ago
FunnySuperBunny 1 month ago
Ugh tests... Anyways good luck! Hope you do well :)
May creator 1 month ago
Thank you, everyone!!!!!!!
Moron God 1 month ago
study hard!!! :D
tarabat015 1 month ago
Get them A's!
I'll Read Your Palms
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