Cameron Callahan creator Feb 04
The solo Scrambled Circuits stories I did between 2009 and 2013 are so close to being collected into a nice, fancy paperback book :) 80%!

I'm incredibly grateful and humbled by everyone's support and generosity!
Cameron Callahan creator Jan 29
Scrambled Circuits is an indie comic series starring the naive robot Primus about his struggle to connect with those around him.

Help me collect the first three issues into a paperback collection!
Pledging just five dollars will get you a digital copy of the book even if the funding goal isn't reached!!
Cameron Callahan creator Oct 04, 2015
Progress -is- being made.
Cameron Callahan creator Jun 12, 2015
In early 2009 I decided I wanted to make comics, like the ones I had been reading for most of my life. Six months later I had the first Scrambled Circuits issue finished, a 32 page comic about my life, and I walked forty minutes through the desert to a Staples and printed off a few dozen copies and trekked back to my desert home. I then went on facebook and twitter and offered who ever wanted one a free copy. I ended up spending far more money than I had intended to between printing more copies to meet demand and for postage. I had sent out just over 200 copies, somehow, to people in around 7 countries. Now the first three issues of Scrambled Circuits are all up here, in chronological order from Primus' perspective, as opposed to the print order of the short stories. You can start reading them here:
dylpdx Mar 01, 2015
hey Cam, how's it going?
Cameron Callahan creator Dec 14, 2014
Comics will continue going up after the new year as I sort through and settle some stuff.
Cameron Callahan creator Aug 20, 2014
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