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DHJones Yesterday
Hey Mika i've found another person on youtube to watch. His name is Markiplier, he mainly plays a lot of Horror games and/or jumpscare games. most of his reactions are funny as hell. XD here's a VERY(!!!) scary game he played: Five Nights at Freddy's Q-Q
Mika Weiseth Yesterday
Holy crap this game is so creepy hahahah I liked it! XD even I don't know anything about the games...
sonamyshadamy1 3 days ago
so i have a question. what if your one of those people who can't support you? what do you do for those people?
Mika Weiseth 2 days ago
if you can't support me, you can't get my wallpapers. that's all~ you can read my comics even you can't support me, so don't worry.
me encanta T.F.I.O.S 3 days ago
something came across my mind... i love music so here's a question... what is your favorite song?
Mika Weiseth 3 days ago
I love all Marilyn Manson's song ^_^
me encanta T.F.I.O.S 3 days ago
marilyn manson is awesome
me encanta T.F.I.O.S 4 days ago
have you seen this anime? high school of the dead
Alice 3 days ago
I have, I used to watch it with my older cousin
Mika Weiseth 3 days ago
Ooh looks cool but I don't watch Japanese anime or manga now
me encanta T.F.I.O.S 3 days ago
it's awesome a friend of mine introduced me to it and now i'm addicted to it... i enjoy this one and black butler
me encanta T.F.I.O.S 4 days ago
i know this has nothing to do with your comics but i've been wondering.... what's your favorite tv show?
Mika Weiseth 3 days ago
gee, there are so many awesome tv shows...but I can say the best is "American Horror Story"!! >_<
me encanta T.F.I.O.S 3 days ago
i like that show but my favorite is supernatural
Mika Weiseth 3 days ago
supernatural also really AWESOME!!!!
me encanta T.F.I.O.S 3 days ago
hehe ^_^ who's your favorite character from supernatural?
jh 1 week ago
Hi I have been your fan for 3 ~ 4 years. I like your comics because your characters are so pretty and cute!! Like your picture style, the color sense and unique story. I want to marry Evan she's so gorgeous and lovely. I suck at using English so it takes long time to read your works but i can stand it!!
Mika Weiseth 1 week ago
Thank you jh ^_^!!
DHJones 1 week ago
Hey Mika I've found another web-comic for you to read it's called "Alone in a Crowd" it revolves around 2 girls one came from a rich family and the other not from a rich family with a little problem at school and life. But sadly the site is on hiatus T-T
Mika Weiseth 1 week ago
wow these characters are really cool!
Mika Weiseth
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Mika Weiseth 1 week ago
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