Mika Weiseth creator 3 days ago
Just sketch. I’ll be back soon. Thank you.
Mika Weiseth creator 5 days ago
Wow this time migraine was heavy! I feel much better now. Thank you for your support as always. [Coming Soon] Vampire Metal Blue, Midknighters and Black Winter King. I'll be back soon. Thanks again!
bantuz G 3 days ago
Woo~hoo~! Red haired guys!!! Then...I'd be have a great day in every(may be)friday due to your comics! The wait is end! Yay!!!
Mika Weiseth creator 5 days ago
You can read Midknighters ep 07 in French!
hollybrokenbell782 Nov 17
When are you going to post the lastest episode of midknighter , no rush
Mika Weiseth creator Nov 18
Hmm after BWK? I'll try soon. Thank you
Elementail71 Nov 16
I was wondering, when are you going to do more vampire metal blue?
Mika Weiseth creator Nov 17
Hmmm next January or February I think so
Brittany Nov 14
Hello! I love your comics! :D The art is just so pretty. I was wondering since Tapastic is discontinuing the Support program, are you going to do Patreon?
Mika Weiseth creator Nov 15
Well sadly I'm not famous that much. Maybe later?
Mika Weiseth creator Nov 05
Midknigters + Homestuck OMG xD Thank you Alysza Mae T. Balansag!
FireMaiden Nov 03
I know there is a site to by fan gear, but I can't find it... Help?
Mika Weiseth creator Nov 05
Hmmm I don't know where is that either. Why don't you ask to here?http://forums.tapastic.com/
FireMaiden Nov 05
to find the pink zombie sweater of matthew, I will do what I must... :)
robertxmatthewpinkz Oct 30
Um hello mika my name is Eden Im a huge fan of your work and i was wondering when will vampire metal blue come out again?
Mika Weiseth creator Oct 30
Hmm I think next January or February. Sorry I was ill. But I guess you could see them on the Midknighters series as cameos.
I Wish I Had A Beard Oct 25
I was just curious, but would it be ok if I cosplayed some of your characters from your comics? It seems like it would be super fun and I absolutely love their designs! Also, I adore your comics, keep up the good work! :D
Mika Weiseth creator Oct 25
Yes please my dear :) Also, I'm so glad you liked my work *hug*
I Wish I Had A Beard Oct 25
Omgimfangirlingsomuchrightnow Ok, thanks! also, I don't 'like' your work, I love it! :)
Mika Weiseth creator Oct 25
Awww :)