eladg1999 6 days ago
I can see Polgem singing it to Skulpio and in my mind I am like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3
Mika Weiseth creator 6 days ago
WOW I love this song really awesome!! Hahahaha yeah so Pollgem and Skulpio xDDDDD
Ein (Tabitha) 4 days ago
holy carp!! it suits the scene where Poll took Skul's hand and they're both running from the mad Ace-guy!
DHJones 6 days ago
I've found something for you to LOVE real hard! a band called "In This Moment" and the singer Maria Brink is... HOT to keep it in one word.
Mika Weiseth creator 6 days ago
OMG!!!!! This is so dark and sexy!!! *____* !!!!!!! I love her fashion style hahahahaha
Mika Weiseth creator 6 days ago
FINALLY. 💛💙💜💚❤ ‪#‎LoveWins‬ 💛💙💜💚❤
Felina DeVaughn 6 days ago
If you've already heard this, I apologiz for repeating it ^^"
But as of today, same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states.
Mika Weiseth creator 6 days ago
I made a poster for that!!!! check it out !!!
TigerToster 6 days ago
Pls,Mika-senpai~ Accept this small gift from me! Also if you don't see the text. Karl:(to an angel-girl)Do you have a map?Because I have lost in your eyes~ Angel-girl:Fuck off.(shoo shoo) Karl:Eeeh..? Karl:Ha!(on paper "NO GIRLS") and #soproudofmyself Angel-girl:wut. Ulliel:Heeey~(to Karl) Karl:#soregretthis Angel-girl:Pfft.... ....and thet's how Karl lost his,ehm,virginity. And lil' texts around:at the top:Karl-I think we have met before,don't we?-Ulliel- NO!NEVER! Also,don't ask about Karl's horns,pls.
Mika Weiseth creator 6 days ago
Awww this is so cute <3 Hahahahaha xD love your art style. Thank you for this sweet fan art *hug*
TigerToster 6 days ago
verastress91 7 days ago
A small test on the Russian language)))
Мика, хочу поблагодарить тебя за замечательные истории, великолепных и уникальных персонажей. Когда я познакомилась с твоими работами, то поняла, что буду ждать продолжения с трепетом в сердце. Особенно счастливой меня делают персонажи ЛГБТ, так как я одна из них, но в своем маленьком городе чувствую себя одиноко. Спасибо тебе.
Mika Weiseth creator 6 days ago
ой, я так рада, что тебе нравятся мои работы. *обнимаю* Кроме того, не чувствуй себя одиноко. Я и мои персонажи всегда здесь. Я люблю все типы людей; неважно какие они. Заходи на мою страницу, когда чувствуешь себя одиноко в этом мире. Все люди должны иметь большое сердце.
Kryptic 7 days ago
I love your comics and your art style so much! I just quickly wanted to ask, how do you make a script or plan out your comics? I'm planning to start a comic hopefully soon, but I just would like to know I'm starting off on the right foot first. (Sorry if this is weird, I'm not good at asking others for advice hehe...)
Mika Weiseth creator 7 days ago
Well, don't be afraid, you just think about a story what YOU want first(like a horror story stuff, love story stuff, or detective story stuff etc). I'm so love in "Horror" and "Zombies" things. This is why my works are creepy and dark always lol. Making a comic story; it would be much easier if you knew what you liked and loved. I hope my advice helps you.
Kryptic 6 days ago
Yes, it did! Thank you so much!!
u072044208e7246b 7 days ago
Mika. I want to ask for something. You once said that Morkysee and Luvilena are neither female nor male... than... Are they Transgender?..
(Sorry for asking sensitive thing... but. I just wondering.....:))
Mika Weiseth creator 7 days ago
Nope. Multiple genders exist in this series. I'll explain this more in detail later. :)
Vibatée Jun 19
As you asked, I upload the comic here. I hope it'll work this time ><
(If not I can send it to you by e-mail =))
Have a good day <3
Mika Weiseth creator Jun 19
Agréable *__* <3 c'est si belle!!! Hahahahaha xD Merci mon amie !! *étreinte* *étreinte* *étreinte*
Ein (Tabitha) Jun 18
oh gosh, my heart kept beating in anticipation for tomorrow >////w////<
Mika Weiseth creator Jun 18