Mika Weiseth creator Feb 04
You can read PZ ep41-42 in French. Merci Clémence Duquesnoy! :)
Mika Weiseth creator Jan 28
Long Live The King.
hollybrokenbell782 Jan 19
I mean vmb
Mika Weiseth creator Jan 19
Well let's see when I get better soon. Thank you!
hollybrokenbell782 Jan 19
Are you going to upload a new episode of bmv soon
bantuz G Jan 14
I hope you feel better soon..... T.T....... How about your migraine..? Feel... better than before....? Take...care.....T.T Mika...
Mika Weiseth creator Jan 14
I'm dying but thank you for asking also you don't need to do this every time *wink* cuz I'll back as always. Thanks!
verastress91 Jan 18
Мика, малыш, береги себя и поправляйся. Я беспокоюсь о том, что тебе часто бывает плохо с самочувствием. Не вздумай склеить лапки((( НЕ ВЗДУМАЙ :с
Gemsona Jan 10
I made this but the words "thank you" could never express how i feel so im sorry ^_^ <3
Mika Weiseth creator Jan 11
Awww DAMN CUTE OMG xD Thank you again my dear! Your art style is so adorable <3
Gemsona Jan 11
awwwwwww thank you so much im beyond happy because you love it ^_^
Oc Fandom Jan 08
when is the next season of midknighters?
Mika Weiseth creator Jan 08
Hmmm not sure but this season is almost over. Just 3-4 chapters more?
Oc Fandom Jan 08
btw, all of your comic are awesome :3
Mika Weiseth creator Jan 09
Thank you <3
Gemsona Jan 06
i am a really big fan of your comics like these creators as well , so i made this !!!
0////0 <3
Mika Weiseth creator Jan 07
Dammmmm tthis is so cute omg xDDDDD THANK YOU SO MUCH MY DEAR! *BIG HUG*
Gemsona Jan 07
awwwwwww no problem anytime, im so happy and glad you love it XD <3
robertxmatthewpinkz Jan 04
Mika based on your opinon when will the other midknighters be revealed
Mika Weiseth creator Jan 04
Next season!
robertxmatthewpinkz Jan 04
Thank you
Mika Weiseth creator Jan 01
2015 Art Summary :)