Mika Weiseth creator yesterday
Vinter Svart with out his hat.
yashaqueen yesterday
Thanks!! Love the smirk!! He sure is smexy!!
yashaqueen yesterday
Dearest Mika!! Your number one fan is dying to know what Vinter would look like with out his hat!?!? I dream of sneaking behind him an flicking it off his smexy little head!! All in good fun of course!! Smexy hot good fun!!
Mika Weiseth creator yesterday
Thank you yashaqueen! I love his hat xD Check my wall again you will see the pic Vinter Svart with out his hat.
yashaqueen yesterday
Couldn't be happier!! Your amazing!!
Mika Weiseth creator 5 days ago
Amazing Samhain cosplay! Thank you Haley(KillerBunny)! *Cosplayer: Haley(KillerBunny) *Editer: Mika Weiseth
Nowayon 7 days ago
check my new horror comic http://tapastic.com/episode/202734
Mika Weiseth creator 7 days ago
Amazing work, dear :) !!
Nowayon 6 days ago
well thank u
Mika Weiseth creator 7 days ago
Soon. Thank you for your support always.
Mika Weiseth creator Sep 30
You can read Castor ep 102-104 in Russian. http://tapastic.com/episode/95820
bantuz G Sep 30
Ha...Mika... I think you are an attractive character maker...because..every day~ I fall in love to them!
Two presents for ya!
-visit here <3
Mika Weiseth creator Sep 30
I love your art style dear! Gosh They're so FANTASTIC! *HUG*
bantuz G Oct 01
OMG!!!!!....! <3 thank you so much..! Your art style is awesome too!
Mika Weiseth creator Sep 20
You can read Castor ep 99-101 in Russian. http://tapastic.com/episode/79819
bantuz G Sep 17
Hey~Mika~! A surprise gift for you!
http://bantuzg.deviantart.com/art/Capricorn-560773011-click here!
Mika Weiseth creator Sep 17
Damn! Sexy as hell! Thank you bantuz G!
Mika Weiseth creator Sep 13
You can read Castor 96-98 in Russian. http://tapastic.com/episode/70437