torakun creator 5 days ago
Only 9 days left before the giveaway period ends. Join now if you havent! :) I will be back with a new episode later!
Giveaway in Tapastic:
On facebook:
readergirl52 5 days ago
*second guesses whether or not I've done both Tapastic and Facebook for the giveaways* O.O *runs to check*
torakun creator 5 days ago
readergirl52 5 days ago
DONE kay all is well now
torakun creator Nov 09
Made this too haha.
JR Tyner supporter Nov 10
JR Tyner supporter Nov 10
^ My eggs, and here's something else:
Nio Kasgami Nov 10
that's...totally One punch man style xD
JNice Nov 13
Hi, Torakun. Notcice me, please!
torakun creator Nov 14
*notices you* Hi ya!
torakun creator Nov 09
Genos! Who watches One Punch Man? :D
readergirl52 Nov 10
My brother made me watch some episodes with him, it was quite amusing :D also, Genos is fance.
Zekesu Nov 13
Genos is the only reason i still read / watch one-punch man
HectorH423 Nov 13
I've read both versions of the manga and am watching the anime...
Orangepop Nov 14
I do not watch One Punch Man, but your drawing is still awesome!!! <3
ZaiN Nov 15
One Punch Man Is Amazing ^_^ and Even more the Comic ^_^
torakun creator Oct 29
Join the giveaway on facebook too for more chances of winning! (only few people participated there haha) ;)
fottantuno Oct 29
Done *U*
Dont Kill The Cat Oct 29
Done :3
Hi fottantuno!
sakurafakoya Oct 29
Happy days are now
readergirl52 Oct 29
I know! There was only 27 comments when I commented, muahahahaha (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧
kristigueropa Oct 28
My favorite episode is when you are in a concert :3! TONS OF LOVE!
Nio Kasgami Oct 28
I just read your webcomic....IT'S NOT HOW CATGIRL WORKS! they are fluffy and cute!
*look at his how comic who are just full of psycho catgirl*
I-I should re-evaluate my life...

JK JK I love your webcomic it's funny and cute o3o
DVD imension Oct 28
torakun i am curious how did you meet chibi reiko?
torakun creator Oct 28
DVD imension Oct 28
wait ,unless O0O you are the same person¡¡¡
torakun creator Oct 16
Artworks I made for the winners of the raffle :)
torakun creator Oct 16
@animaribro, it is, haha.
JR Tyner supporter Oct 17
What about the top one? XP
harizizzudin3 Oct 17
oh wow you are short. At least I think you are taller than me
torakun creator Oct 17
Im not sure why he's so tall! @JR
JR Tyner supporter Oct 17
Torakun, I was just picking with you. I know you are not shorter than a Guinea Pig. You're the same height. XP
torakun creator Oct 15
Haikyuu!! Karasuno's Guardian Deity, Nishinoya Yuu~ 😆 Drawing on paper takes my stress away for awhile 😐
Becky Oct 15
torakun creator Oct 15
@junshii Well, I'm currently obsessed haha

@Mia I know right? ^^
Songbird Oct 16
That's a lot more intense than Torakun comics. It looks awesome.
HectorH423 Oct 16
Did you draw it with that pen?? If so, that's awesome...I love Haikyuu too!!!
torakun creator Oct 16
@hectore, I did :)
Dave strider Oct 12
ii love you more than ii love fef
torakun creator Oct 12
who is fef
sora_1326 Oct 12
Probably Feferi Peixes, a Homestuck character.