SnaiLords 4 hours ago
DA notified me your bday was in 2 days.
LULZ pretend this never happened if your bday is not actually coming up.
I was never here. ^^
Sarahjo2002 Yesterday
your new pic is adorable in a weird way >w<
Naty2000 Yesterday
You´re so cute xD OMG that lion
ClunkyMonkey Yesterday
I love your comics! :D
Inuyasha 2 days ago
Ohhh... That girl in the pic... Oh lovely
torakun14 creator Yesterday
Inuyasha Yesterday
Am0 D3l M3r0l 2 days ago
Gorgeous ;)
torakun14 creator Yesterday
uhm, thanks? xD
Robotic Draconian 2 days ago
Torakun, like seriously, you're SUPER cute.
torakun14 creator Yesterday
haha xD
Glitch 2 days ago
That is a real tiger
Glitch 2 days ago
torakun14 creator Yesterday
Lion and a tiger xD
Skipdoodle Yesterday
and bears oh my
Glitch Yesterday
I used confuison beam c;
hyena142 2 days ago
watch your head there torakun
torakun14 creator Yesterday