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Hey torakun. Remember me? Im motivating everyone again! Now its your turn. Keep up the good work, stay awsome, don't let anyone criticize badly about you or your cute ears, and lets be are great in arts and crafts. I'll be waiting for your next comic. -motivating guy
Watch it! (part 2)
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No new episode of ToraComi for now.. I haven't made one yet lol. Anyways, I just wanted to share an artwork I made a few days ago. Anime ver. of my fave childhood cartoon character <3
*sings PPG theme*
JR57 5 days ago
After I looked at that I now want to see you do the other two!!!! Understand if you don't, but oooooohohhhhhhh that would be nice.
torakun14 creator 5 days ago
Too lazy to do the other 2 xD
H 5 days ago
Kyrais 5 days ago
So I just totally let out what I think was suppose to be me saying, "Oh my cheese it's Bubbles!" But I can't be sure what that noise was! Either way she's so adorable and I love it!!
HanBuuui 5 days ago
Buttercup was my fave~
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So I made my personal healthcare companion out of a clay... I had to make his legs short because he kept on falling.. ( ●—● )
Zero the Hedgehog 1 week ago
@Chris you get the idea...
HyumiisuramuXk 1 week ago
i have no clay, so I shall draw my own cut out. ^w^
fottantuno 1 week ago
OOOOH IT'S SO CUTE! I want to eat him <3
KoHaKu5 1 week ago
:D I should try to make him out of marshmallows
raelee575 1 week ago
so cute and stubby:3
Watch it!
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Hi torakun14. Your series is great. Keep up rhe good work. P.S. were could I get those cat ears? They're so cute! - a motivating guy.
torakun14 creator 2 weeks ago
Hello motivating guy! Thank you so much :D These cat ears? That's a secret :P
torakun14 creator 3 weeks ago
Valentine's day comic, yep I forgot about that e__e
Will try to finish it tonight.. time check, 12:46am.
Dehaha1 2 weeks ago
Dont Kill The Cat 2 weeks ago
♪chocolate rain♪
Tridan111 2 weeks ago
*chocolate Hobbes
Dehaha1 2 weeks ago
I-I what?! Chocolate me?! O-O
Tridan111 2 weeks ago
YES *noms Hobbes leg*