torakun creator Sep 21
Finally done with the commissions..
It's been a week since I last updated, but I still can't think of an idea for the new episode... what should I do? wtf is happening to me?! ;w;
Potato Sep 22
Ok, so let's get serious. You already made a comic about not having ideas and art blocks. What else is left? Hmmm... How about doing a comic about how chibireiko annoys you or how you annoy her? Does not get old.
Ignis M Dino Sep 22
A comic about your process of making comics would be interesting :3
Orangepop Sep 24
Whatever you upload we'll be happy with. :)
kaede_kagami supporter Sep 25
*push a copy of FFXIV into your PC stealthy* This may help you to change your mind a bit before coming back.
Vanilla Bean Bun Sep 25
I agree with @Ignis M Dino
torakun creator Sep 15
Torakun's adventure~ (ノ・д・)ノ
LizixofxNod Sep 16
-packs bags for Philippines-
Alexander Shekhtman Sep 16
*jaw drops* Too far away for me - I'm still stuck here in NYC.
torakun creator Sep 17
@JR Good! Because I took all these pictures instead of swimming xD
@Lizixo The beaches here are the best!
@Alexander I wish I could go to other countries as well ^^;
Alexander Shekhtman Sep 17
I'm sure you'll get your chance.
JR Tyner supporter Sep 17
@Torakun D'aww, I'm sure you'll get to swim again soon!
torakun creator Sep 09
Cute, aren't they? (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
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Tard Sep 12
I smell package deal!
torakun creator Sep 12
Tard Sep 12
I'm dreaming of my package showing up from Asia to Seattle right now. Use pretty stamps! Whoop! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY
JR Tyner supporter Sep 12
What's this about a package deal?
Tard Sep 12
I'm trying to drum-up something
torakun creator Sep 06
Galaxy~ I'm practicing drawing backgrounds because I'm not really good at them.. I'm pretty proud at the outcome, I guess I can draw skies. :D (reference pic:
HectorH423 Sep 08
Nero von Plegia Sep 08
So true... That's why I don't bother to do a background for most of my drawings at all or often just draw stuff that doesn't postulate any background like crests, emblems, mandalas or script.^^'
In the unlikely case, I do a background it's often horribly rushed. (Unless I *really* like how the foreground turned out; in that case doing the background not careful enough just feels like too much of a waste.)
Nero von Plegia Sep 08
(If there are no trees or bushes in the background that is... I *always* rush those because drawing them is simply no fun at all... :'/)
Skydex790 Sep 08
Jlrr Sep 09
torakun creator Sep 05
Accepting anime art commissions~ The price ranges from $15-40 per character w/o background (**Prices may vary depending on how complicated the order is.)
Please send me an e-mail at for inquiries. :)

I'm opening up my commission slots for various personal reasons. xD

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My facebook art page:
Alexander Shekhtman Sep 05
Unbelievably amazing! Just goes to show, there's more to Torakun than meets the eye. I can't draw for @#$% - especially anime characters.
DarkLake99 Sep 05
Inuyasha! Tis' been a while since i last saw it =w= it was my first anime.
Zel EnKora Sep 05
*melts* checks wallet* cries*
torakun creator Sep 05
@JR Thank you ^^
@alexander I wish I could draw realistic portraits though xD
Ahome Sep 17
inuyasha! • w •
torakun creator Sep 02
Yay~ I'm done drawing Joy~ ^^
JR Tyner supporter Sep 04
Sometimes in Japanese I accidentally ask for a bridge when I want chopsticks.
Tard Sep 04
Do they give you a bridge? Yer rich!
JR Tyner supporter Sep 04
No, they don't put a bridge in my soup.
Tard Sep 04
Have you gone home? Maybe they delivered a fullsized bridge and you can charge people to cross it? <--- it's a joke
Uhhh...Marilynn? Sep 04
Soooo ammmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
torakun creator Aug 25
Milestone reward sketches for supporters ^^
Support me?

Don't worry if you can't support me financially. You guys can always help me by just reading my comics, by leaving some comments and by sharing it too!^^
grimofdoom Aug 26
intronet is the internet...but intronet
torakun creator Aug 26
uhmm, okay, haha!
grimofdoom Aug 26
Imagine sword are online... but instead of being stuck in the game, instead your eyes are glued to the internet
Zel EnKora Aug 26
Orangepop Aug 30
OMG This is a very awesome drawing! Love it!♡
torakun creator Aug 20
Have you guys watched the movie? Just sharing this fanart of Sadness I made a while ago~
JR Tyner supporter Aug 24
You should do it more often!
EnderKnight007 Aug 25
It doesn't need to be updated often, just have your doodles in a place that is easily accessable to everyone
EnderKnight007 Aug 25
Convenience is everything to internet users
Cattymadness Aug 25
Torakun is on google images!!
torakun creator Aug 25
Haha xD
-Kuro Aug 18
I swear you and midori are the same person your art styles are so similar
torakun creator Aug 18
Evan Aug 19
What if Torakun has dissociative identity disorder and Midori is just one of her alternate personalities.
torakun creator Aug 19
EnderKnight007 Aug 24
0_0 Maybe... Just maybe... Me? I'm just flat out insane
random bystander Sep 05
her and midori are the same. they have to right right?
torakun creator Aug 14
[Fanart] AOA Choa Like A Cat
I better update Torakun Comics soon now that I'm done doing a personal art~ Sorry for being gone for so long! ;u;

dA link:
ANIME ! MANGA ! Aug 15
TastaturKatze Aug 16
@supercaser: Because most of them were drawing bad at the beginning, but didn't give up and practised it over and over again until they got better. Talent most oftenly only determines how fast they get better.
supercaser Aug 16
@tastaturkatze That's a new perspective :D
torakun creator Aug 17
@tastaturkatze Trueeee
Lou_kun Sep 05
Mama mia Santa maria !!!