torakun14 creator yesterday
Uploaded on DeviantART on April 13, 2012 this was made when I just started using photoshop to color my traditionally drawn lines lol. Back then, I was only using a mouse xD
Torakun was already Torakun even before 'Torakun Comics' was made. :3
I started(uploaded) ToraComics in Tapastic on October 4, 2013.
The Last Melody 22 hours ago
You made THIS with a mouse?
I'm currently in a state of deep admiration
torakun14 creator 19 hours ago
I colored it with a mouse, but the line was made using a pen in a paper^^
deadbeats98 17 hours ago
considering the subtext of Spirited Away this is super creepy
jUst133000 16 hours ago
U hair so brown *0*
Tridan111 14 hours ago
This is why you didnt get a role in Spirited Away, or any Miyazaki movie for that matter xD
MeYah 4 days ago
*hikaru updates an episode, a notification comes*
*MeYah thinks somebody replied to his message*
*MeYah opens the notifications*
*MeYah is happy and sad at the same time*
torakun14 creator 4 days ago
torakun14 creator 4 days ago
As some of you have noticed, I'm in the middle of editing the layout and the font styles in my comics. I'm planning to redraw the old episodes too because seeing it makes me cringe.. it's horrible.. lol.
Masich 4 days ago
Everything is art in the eyes of its creator! unless you get embarrassed by it of course.
torakun14 creator 4 days ago
Artists are never satisfied with their work.. OTL But seriously, try looking at the first few episodes, and the latest, the art style have drastically changed..
jUst133000 4 days ago
U don't have to redraw it, it's great but I know ur feeling when I look on my past.
ztyx73 4 days ago
Redrawing the first couple three ones with comments about "see how I have improved" might be worth it if there's really that much improvement.(Maybe keep the old ones adjacent for comparison)
torakun14 creator 4 days ago
Ah I changed my mind, I'll be leaving the old episodes at it is xD It's too much of a hassle to redraw them all, I might not be able to draw new episodes! ;>w<)
Kuroun Itsukerui May 20
Notice me Senpaiii D:
torakun14 creator 4 days ago
Hi, kouhai
Kuroun Itsukerui 3 days ago
Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! :D
I can die now
MeYah May 19
Senpaii! ~
torakun14 creator May 20
MeYah 7 days ago
Wait.. What? Senpai noticed me!!
torakun14 creator May 15
I will be back on June. Need some time to be with my mom before she goes back to Japan^^;
Abby DeVries May 15
I've got exams to keep my eyes off the clock 'til then, so take care! :3
Ricomahn May 15
Fitting avatar picture
thoselovelyflowers May 15
Have fun!!
man in black May 15
No worries have fun with your mom
Kira Windrake May 18
Aww, have fun then!!! <3 Take your time :3
torakun14 creator May 08
Hi! I got a lot of new subscribers so I just thought I would post this again here. I was wondering if you guys have anything you wanted to ask me, I will try to answer some of them through a comic! Ask me anything. ^^
Sarahjo2002 May 13
@Cattymadness LOL
iansaviour May 17
when you will answer last Q/A ?
torakun14 creator May 18
When I get back
CrazyPotato May 18
Okay. :D
taylordowney5623 4 days ago
What got you started in making comics? (kind of generic but it is really inspiring to hear how people got started and/or why. ^u^)
torakun14 creator May 08