torakun14 creator an hour ago
Yay~ I'm done drawing Joy~ ^^
Jdburr an hour ago
amaze bruh
TheBabyblackstar an hour ago
N!khy 28 minutes ago
foducool 26 minutes ago
"how come I can't hold all this joy?"
JR Tyner supporter 3 minutes ago
So much joy! <3
Fowhisa&Cat 4 days ago
I didnt know you were a burrito 0o0
torakun14 creator yesterday
Now you know~
torakun14 creator Aug 25
Milestone reward sketches for supporters ^^
Support me?

Don't worry if you can't support me financially. You guys can always help me by just reading my comics, by leaving some comments and by sharing it too!^^
grimofdoom 7 days ago
intronet is the internet...but intronet
torakun14 creator 7 days ago
uhmm, okay, haha!
grimofdoom 7 days ago
Imagine sword are online... but instead of being stuck in the game, instead your eyes are glued to the internet
Zel EnKora 6 days ago
Orangepop 3 days ago
OMG This is a very awesome drawing! Love it!♡
torakun14 creator Aug 20
Have you guys watched the movie? Just sharing this fanart of Sadness I made a while ago~
JR Tyner supporter Aug 24
You should do it more often!
EnderKnight007 Aug 25
It doesn't need to be updated often, just have your doodles in a place that is easily accessable to everyone
EnderKnight007 Aug 25
Convenience is everything to internet users
Cattymadness Aug 25
Torakun is on google images!!
torakun14 creator Aug 25
Haha xD
-Kuro Aug 18
I swear you and midori are the same person your art styles are so similar
torakun14 creator Aug 18
drui Aug 19
What if Torakun has dissociative identity disorder and Midori is just one of her alternate personalities.
torakun14 creator Aug 19
EnderKnight007 Aug 24
0_0 Maybe... Just maybe... Me? I'm just flat out insane
torakun14 creator Aug 14
[Fanart] AOA Choa Like A Cat
I better update Torakun Comics soon now that I'm done doing a personal art~ Sorry for being gone for so long! ;u;

dA link:
supercaser Aug 15
Whaii is everyone so good at drawing
ANIME ! MANGA ! Aug 15
tastaturkatze Aug 16
@supercaser: Because most of them were drawing bad at the beginning, but didn't give up and practised it over and over again until they got better. Talent most oftenly only determines how fast they get better.
supercaser Aug 16
@tastaturkatze That's a new perspective :D
torakun14 creator Aug 17
@tastaturkatze Trueeee
torakun14 creator Aug 09
My hamster, Dasom giving me a handshake~ I had a sore eyes and felt like I was full of germs so I didn't get to play with her these past few days ;w;

Btw, Torakun Comics will be back in a week.. I guess. Yay.
Tard Aug 09
Mean spirited!
ZatchZ Aug 09
He looks like he's going to cry.
Alex Shekhtman, USN Aug 09
Oh my goodness, that's adorable. Wish I had a hamster like that...
Random gurl Aug 09
torakun14 creator Aug 10
torakun14 creator Jul 28
I will be away from Tapastic for a while.. take care, everyone! ;w;
tastaturkatze Aug 05
torakun14 creator Aug 05
yes yes
tastaturkatze Aug 05
Yeay :D
JR Tyner supporter Aug 05
If you don't, I'll torture my minion toy by telling it spoilers for the Ant Man movie till you return. XP
torakun14 creator Aug 06
torakun14 creator Jul 27
Do you have tumblr? Go follow Torakun Comics there if you do! :D
JR Tyner supporter Jul 27
Yeah, yeah. XP
Vanilla Bean Bun Jul 27
Aw.... Your tumblr nlog has such a cute theme.
torakun14 creator Jul 27
Atsuki, some people dont xD

Doodle, oh I have to check it now :O

Raichu, Thanks!! ^^

DoodleQuik Jul 27
Nero von Plegia Jul 27
Oh, didn't know that you have Tumblr. I'll follow you.
torakun14 creator Jul 26
Please like Torakun Comic's fb page :3
Minecraft Pro Jul 26
JR Tyner supporter Jul 26
In a galaxy far far away... called Ohio. (I'm in the Carolinas now).
torakun14 creator Jul 26
JR Tyner supporter Jul 27
I'm also stalking... I mean following you on DA now. You have so much talent!
torakun14 creator Jul 27
haha thanks xD