torakun14 creator Jul 28
I will be away from Tapastic for a while.. take care, everyone! ;w;
torakun14 creator 6 days ago
@Atsuki, try watching Funassyi, he's funny af xD
@Kaede and Lastmelody Thank you, I will come back as soon as possible ;w;
Atsuki 6 days ago
Yep, Funassyi's videos are nice too but it's just that I love that bear xD
I also like Bary-san but the thing is that Kumamon always makes me laugh, thats why I love him more :>
Random gurl 5 days ago
Aw.... hope you'll be back soon
Dragon Kitty! 4 days ago
dont be gone too long! Ill miss chu!
Orangepop 2 hours ago
Gonna miss you! :'(
torakun14 creator Jul 27
Do you have tumblr? Go follow Torakun Comics there if you do! :D
JRTyner supporter Jul 27
Yeah, yeah. XP
Vanilla Bean Bun Jul 27
Aw.... Your tumblr nlog has such a cute theme.
torakun14 creator Jul 27
Atsuki, some people dont xD

Doodle, oh I have to check it now :O

Raichu, Thanks!! ^^

DoodleQuik Jul 27
Nero von Plegia Jul 27
Oh, didn't know that you have Tumblr. I'll follow you.
torakun14 creator Jul 26
Please like Torakun Comic's fb page :3
Minecraft Pro Jul 26
JRTyner supporter Jul 26
In a galaxy far far away... called Ohio. (I'm in the Carolinas now).
torakun14 creator Jul 26
JRTyner supporter Jul 27
I'm also stalking... I mean following you on DA now. You have so much talent!
torakun14 creator Jul 27
haha thanks xD
il Jul 24
il Jul 25
esaswabykelly Jul 25
This is what I come back to after four days away from the internet? Must be a slow day today.
The Last Melody Jul 25
It's been a slow day for many days now.

Let us all take a moment for our dear il, whom offended the gods and was thus not allowed to live *silence*
esaswabykelly Jul 26
No one is allowed to comment in this thread anymore
The Last Melody Jul 26
You asked for it...
torakun14 creator Jul 23
Torakun Comics wallpaper for your phone :)
Download it here!
Jdburr Jul 23
pugs are bae
celsometsamies Jul 23
YEaY!! free stuff!
torakun14 creator Jul 23
Pugs are kawaii as fuck
And yay to free stuff!
jUst133000 Jul 23
Timawa Jul 24
any free stuff is good
torakun14 creator Jul 22
Torakun's vacation in Cebu City, Philippines!
Mionikoi supporter Jul 22
Cool! ^-^
jUst133000 Jul 22
U have super cute personality
EmoKawaiiChibi Jul 22
Atsuki Jul 23
I'd love to have a tora-kun keychain, it's so cute :>
Bea Francine Jul 23
yehey. ingat po
torakun14 creator Jul 21
Whale shark watching in Cebu(Philippines)! I think the whale shark thought I was one of the fishes.. it kept on swimming near me haha. I also went on the edge coaster ride(You can search it up on google to see how it looks like lol), it was fucking scary at night. It's been almost 14 years already since I last rode a plane too. Anyways, it was a fun and exciting experience! I hope to get more projects and commissions so that I could go to another nice place soon! ;w;
ZatchZ Jul 22
Whale sharks, one of the more friendlier sharks
Mionikoi supporter Jul 22
Give it a big hug! ^-^
Tard Jul 22
Yeah, so it can suck your face into it's mouth and chew on your eyeballs <--- legit fear
Mionikoi supporter Jul 22
But it's a gentle giant. Just avoid its tail.
torakun14 creator Jul 22
Kitto Jul 16
We can eat them now :B
torakun14 creator Jul 21
torakun14 creator Jul 13
Just sent out this cute Torakun with Minions wallpaper to all my current supporters! So if you also want to receive one, you can support me for as low as $1/month ^^ (I will be giving this out to ALL my SUPPORTERS only for a LIMITED time.)
Minecraft Pro Jul 16
*goes in corner* why doesnt anybody belive me
JRTyner supporter Jul 16
Because all the CSI shows overuse technology that can take an image from a broken out-dated security camera and make it look like it's from a brand new camera that belongs on a film lot instead of the local mom and pop gas station, so people have become jaded.
Minecraft Pro Jul 16
i have the great image !
Minecraft Pro Jul 16
Frey Jul 16
more like 9 year old trying too hard
torakun14 creator Jul 13
Oh and I also have a Orange Marmalade fanart (another webtoon) (ノ・∀・)ノ
tastaturkatze Jul 13
That is so cute ^^
torakun14 creator Jul 13
Thank you >///<
readergirl52 Jul 13
I love Orange Marmalade!!! <3 I like your version :)
Chibi Chu Jul 13
so pretty!!! Orange marmalade was so good!
torakun14 creator Jul 14
Thanksssssssss <3