torakun creator Jan 19
Please get well soon, my Kuma. ;w;
Torakun comics wont be resuming anytime soon because I'm still busy with commissions and taking care of Kuma. I know you guys will understand~ TwT
Tard Jan 21
Dogs recovery much faster than humans, it's amazing.
torakun creator Jan 21
He's still a puppy so he's recovering faster ^^
mariyumi Jan 25
oh no poor lil puppy T_T hope Kuma will get better in no time and pls take care of Kuma a lot but we all know u will torakun ^^ i will pray for Kuma <3
torakun creator Jan 25
He is doing a lot better ^ ^ He can even sit now ^^
Tard Jan 25
torakun creator Jan 18
Hi! Please help my friend win by voting for Magnolia Online please ^^
R. Merryweather Jan 19
Thanks everyone who voted! Thanks to you Magnolia has over 300 votes!
Renew Jan 19
@Atsuki Muahahahahhahahah. I so fast at typing. xD But I did vote. I am productive :D
Atsuki Jan 20
@Renew That laugh... Could it be... *gasp* You're Evil! D:
Trek Jan 20
We completely understand. Best of luck. I hope Kuma feels better soon.
StagGT Jan 21
torakun creator Jan 14
Hi guys! Ask me anything and I will answer them for the 100th episode of Torakun Comics~ Not all but I will try my best to answer a lot of them so keep em coming! :D :D :D :D :D :( :D
Jäger Bombastic Jan 19
If you could have any type of art style different from what you use now, what would it be?
Jiin Klein Jan 19
Why tiger ears?
Orangepop Jan 20
Can you draw a real life version of you AND reiko!!
Cosmouniverse Jan 21
What is your favorite app mine is taptastic and you have to say one besides tapastic!
Tridan111 Jan 21
Then what is yours beside Tapastic xD
Amaranta Yuuki Jan 14
Torakun, I love your art so much! ^0^
I've decided to do a fanart. Just a warning. ;P
torakun creator Jan 14
Aww, thank you! Will be anticipating that fanart hehe :3
torakun creator Jan 09
Guys. It's so kawaii! ;w;
torakun creator Jan 13
I will try to find a cheaper one! @Tard
Jersh Jan 13
I would order it for 10$
Jersh Jan 13
now a 2 ft plush version, on the other hand... :3
Tard Jan 14
Kyoujin Jan 19
Where did ya get this made?
torakun creator Jan 08
I will be back.. not so soon but I will, I promise. ;;
Potato Jan 08
Eat some grapes!
torakun creator Jan 08
Thank you guys.
JR Tyner Jan 09
I miss you already!
Skittles Sketches Jan 09
You're my inspiration, I've always wanted to find my right drawing style and it turned out to be Chibi, after I saw yours and Reiko's comics. I also found an old drawing tablet at home so I think I've finally found my passion. Your comics are adorable and they've given me a will to carry on drawing. Thank youuu ^•^
torakun creator Jan 11
(-°3°)- Elle (-°3°)- Dec 26, 2015
it says everything Tora Tysm becuz u'r the best :)
torakun creator Dec 27, 2015
Merry christmas to you too!
M. O. Dec 28, 2015
Merry Christmas
(-°3°)- Elle (-°3°)- Dec 28, 2015
Ho-Ho-Ho merry chrismas :D
georgesnell3 Dec 25, 2015

To the cute human/chibi/tiger hybrid, as a fan of your cute comics, I just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and hoping Next Year will be great for you as I plan for me.
torakun creator Dec 25, 2015
Thank you!!
georgesnell3 Jan 18
No problem, hope it was a good one & sorry for the late reply, was off fighting internet pirates for the digital booty.
torakun creator Dec 24, 2015
Merry christmas, everyone! Sorry I couldnt make a christmas episode for tora comics ^^;
Paul Wilson Dec 26, 2015
Dont you celebrate Christmas Tora-kun?
(-°3°)- Elle (-°3°)- Dec 26, 2015
Merry Chrismas Tora my favorite comic artist ,and happy new year btw c:
torakun creator Dec 26, 2015
We do, but it was just normal.. I was left alone at home haha!
KonnorLetterBee Dec 26, 2015
Ish okay! Merry Christmas Torakun! ^w^
Dont Kill The Cat Dec 26, 2015
Happy xmas too ^^
R. Merryweather Dec 23, 2015
torakun creator Dec 24, 2015