Ben Saint Nov 28, 2015

The Vapors is a slice-of-life drama about the day-to-day lives of two extremely misanthropic college freshmen. If you like people who don't like people, give it a read!
Rosethewolf Nov 24, 2015
Loved your story
EnzoComics Oct 12, 2015
Happy front page!
killianspradlin Oct 12, 2015
Will there be any more MED?
Chooky Oct 11, 2015
Congrats on being featured! Your series is bone-chilling and deserves all the attention it can get <3 Looking forward to more!
Kallehmono Oct 10, 2015
congrats on getting featured :)
thiagobrandaoc Sep 12, 2015
i just cant believe on how awesome this reading was! your comic is one of the best in tapastic thats for sure and i cant wait for vol.3
damielmelissa Jul 19, 2015
This is the greatest comic of all time!
The whole potions thing makes me think of the Bioshock series. Well done good sir. Well done.
Alicy Imbara Sunberg Apr 11, 2015
Hello. So I've read the whole MED. And I have to say. It's fucking brilliant. No seriously, I trully mean it. I got the chills running down my spine during the entire reading. The atmosphere is amazingly wicked and the protagonist, dear Mr.Nohman, the protagonist is such a badass!! Kinda sad sometimes, but also the fact that he triggers chaos with something that was lurking inside all men and women of this world, it's just perfect. Happy Zombie arc, was definitly my favorite. I'm eager to see more!! XD
yellowisforsquares Apr 06, 2015
Your series is extraordinarily well done. It is truly a on going work of art.